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Welcome to Newstar Fastenings

Newstar Fastenings Ltd is a leading distributor of quality micro screws, standard screws and fixings and other small nuts and bolts in all materials such as Stainless Steel, Brass and Steel.

We supply tiny screws in all miniature sizes including M1, M1.2, M1.4, M1.6, M1.7, M2, M2.3, M2.5, M2.6 and M3 threads.

Our wide range of screws and fixings include slotted grub screws, machine screws, socket screws, hexagon set screws, spring sins and thread forming Screws whilst we also supply micro sized flat washers, spring washers, lock washers and full nuts, lock nuts and nyloc nuts.

Our vast product range allows us to be able to offer various different head drives such as Torx, Pozi, Phillips, Socket, Slot and Hexagon types.

Newstar Fastenings currently supply to a variety of supplier chains including a large number of existing fastener distributors, a multitude of large OEM companies as well as niche companies located within the electronic and computer industries. These companies regularly require tools, hardware micro fastenings and computer screws in order to compete within their markets.

For all the customers in the for mentioned industries it is our aim to supply quality products as well as excellent customer service in all aspects of procurement to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

Whatever your requirement may be, we would be happy to offer a competitive quotation.

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