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Other Products & Brands Available:

o A4-80 Bolts/Sets/Nuts
o Aerotight Self Locking Nuts 
o Avdel/ Textron Parts
o Binx Self Locking Nuts
o Bumax 10.9 Stainless Bolts
o Bumax 88 Stainless Bolts
o Hank Rivet Bushes 
o Holokrome 
o Nylon Screws
o POP Rivets
o P.S.M Products 
o P.T. Screws 
o Self Clinch Fasteners
o Security Screws
o Special Turned Parts to Drawing
o Spirol Pins
o Stainless Steel Low Carbon Fastenings 
o Standoffs 
o Unbranko Parts

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Newstar Fastenings Ltd currently holds a vast range of fastenings items offering an unrivalled choice within the precision micro-fastenings sector.

As a specialist worldwide supplier we offer all thread forms, head styles and materials.

We are happy to provide quotations for delivery in the UK also worldwide.

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