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Micro Spring Pins

Newstar Fastenings offer a complete micro spring pin range in both Stainless Steel and Steel. A Spring Pin (commonly known as a Tension Pin or Roll Pin) is a fastener type that secures two or more parts together. They have a body diameter which is longer than the hole diameter it inserts into whilst having a chamfer on either one or both ends which aids the pin's entry into a hole. The spring element of the fastener ensures the whole hole diameter is consumed whilst the force extracted from the pin keeps it in the hole. It is for this reason that this particular fastener is known as a 'self-retaining fastener'.

**Notice** If your micro spring pins requirement is not available in the product pages please contact our sales representatives using the 'Contact Us' feature. A larger range in terms of size and material is often accessible within 2-3 days.

The micro spring pin range offered by Newstar Fastenings can be seen below:

Spring Pins Heavy Duty DIN 1481

Micro Spring Pins Heavy Duty DIN 1481

Overview: DIN 1481
Sizes: 1 to 3 (Larger Sizes Also Available On Request)
Lengths:4 to 40
Materials: Stainless Steel (A2/1.4310 & A4) & Steel HV422-560

Spring Pins Heavy Duty DIN 1481

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