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Micro Hexagon Set Screws

Newstar Fastenings offer a complete range of micro hexagon set screws in a wide array of materials to suit our customer demands. The main purpose of this particular screw type in industry is to secure an object within or against another. This is possible as the screw enters a threaded hole tightening against the other item. This process exerts a compressional or clamping force throughout the screw/ hole length.

As shown in our range below the micro Hexagonal Set screws are available in several point types to suit any customer specific demands. Common point types include Flat, Cone and Knurled points.

**Notice** If your micro hexagon set screws requirement is for a larger size or different material then please contact our sales representatives using the 'Contact Us' feature. Such items are usually readily available within 2-3 working days.

Our micro hexagonal set screws available from stock can be found below:

Hexagon Head Set Screws DIN 933

Micro Hexagon Head Set Screws DIN 933

Overview: DIN 933
Sizes: M2.5 to M3 (Larger Sizes Also Available On Request)
Lengths:5 to 40
Materials: Stainless Steel (A2 & A4) & Steel Grade 8.8 (Self Colour)

Hexagon Head Set Screws DIN 933

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